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By ImmaPink · February 4, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Holla Loveliez!

I really should be doing my assignments right now which is due next Wed but I couldn't help but to share with you something that I really love! Teeeheeee! Sometime ago, a dear friend of mine discovered a way to make pigments, oh yes those lovely  colourful, shimmery pigments! She was kind enough to provide me with a few samples and Oh Man! I'm sooooo loving it!



Taaaaadaaaaaa.....!!! So chio right......=D


The gorgeous colours which I've chosen....=)) <3


Awesome packaging! =)


Swatches! Nice right........told you! =D


Last but not least, Yours truly....hehe! I love how the colour pops out even without applying any base!


And surprisingly, only minimal fallouts were seen during application....I am very impressed! will definitely create more LOTDs with these awesome thang pretty soon! =))


Ok...Ok..last one...A happy pic of me because I'm super happy with the colours! I know out of point. OK BYE! Hah!


Thanks for reading Loveliez! Muacccckzzzz!!!


(If you're interested, you can email her at idasygkamu@hotmail.com. I'll post her blog link later as it is still under construction at the moment) =))

I miss Onsugar so much! ='(( (+ recent Makeovers & Special effects by me)

By ImmaPink · January 30, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

What's up my lovely onsugar bebeys??? OMG....it seems like forever since I last blog! I really really miss blogging! ='(( I know its not an excuse but seriously work and school is taking over me..the only thing I do when I on my laptop is to check my email, do my assignments and at times update my Facebook page....I really miss the moments when I had the luxury of time. I would blog atleast twice a week, update on hauls and looks that I created  like the rest of you lovely Onsugarettes are doing....='((

I really hope things will get better and I will be back on track! Hehe! but  hey! I still read your lovely posts though and it makes me happy reading reviews and looking through all the pretty new products! =)) and on a happier note, below are some of the recent makeovers which I did...hope you like it! <3


Wedding Invitation




Ishka Fashion Show 2011


Halloween 2011 (See how long I procrastinated on this post! LOL!)


Aites that's all for now Loveliez! Thank you for reading! =D


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3 latest Makeovers by me! =))

By ImmaPink · October 25, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

OMGahhhh....I'ts been like forever since I last updated this blog. ='((  How are you Loveliez doing??? I still read the entries from all you lovely ladies though...just that I really have no time to update. Really...not just another excuse ok hahaha! Seriously juggling work (teaching),  studies and being a freelance MUA is really no joke....I'm totally shag! Oh wells.....life goes on....LOL!

So anywyas I just wanna share with you Loveliez the latest 3 makeovers which I did for these lovely ladies....Hope you like it! =))


Hari raya video shoot





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Special Discount for Makeup-Magic By Imma Pink fans by Shopping District! =D

By ImmaPink · September 6, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

HELLO!!! Long time no see!!! Miss you Loveliez so much! Hehehe! Work + School = No life!  But I'm taking this little time that I have to share this wonderful news with you all of you! =D


I was contacted by 'Shopping District' - an online blogshop to review some of their products and good news to all Makeup-Magic By Imma Pink fans or my blog readers, you are entitled to 10% off with minimum $20 purchase now till 31st October 2011 !


Click on the banner below to get to their website and start shopping! =D


Or click here to their 2nd FB account.


*All you have to do is apply the code (IMMAPINK10) when you check out the items that you want to purchase. Apply the code under (Discount Voucher) at the checkout page. Simple? =)



So here are some of their lovely products that I tried out =)


This is the very 1st thing that caught my attention! =D


Super cute is'nt it? For the egg lovers! LOL! and they smell so good too! Gotta try them out Loveliez!


Next...NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss. Pink Lippiez I love! I've always love NYX lip products since the day I tried their round lipstick. Though they do not really last long on your lips, they have a variety of gorgeous colours for you to choose from!  =))


With pretty tiny sparkles!


Next, NYX single eyeshadow in ES81 CHICK


Ohhh...such pretty goldish yellow! Just look at how outstanding and bright they are even without any base! =)



Last but not least, NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 05 Super Model. I had always love their sleek packaging. I could easily bring this anywhere for a quick touch up. Hehe!


Ahhhh! Loving the combination of these gorgeous colours!


Swatched without any base. Love all the colours especially those in the bottom row! =))


Sorry I have no LOTDs to show you with these awesome eyeshadow. I have a horrible eye infection, inflammation and scratches on my pupils which restricts me from applying too much eye makeup for atleast 2 months. *SOBS* ='((


On a happier note, 'Shopping District' carries alot more brands other than NYX which includes Etude House, ELF, Sleek, Maybelline, Loreal, Skin Food, Milani, Physicians Formula and many more! Even Wet 'N' Wild! =D


So what are you waiting for Loveliez? Shop now!!! =D


4 wearable LOTDs that I <3

By ImmaPink · July 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello Loveliez! So here's 4 updated LOTDs that are wearable on a daily basis...=D I for sure do not mind going loud on random days but sometimes less is more. hehe! =D



My current favourite...Neutral brown smokey eyes with baby pink lips. =)


Similar to the above but with a more winged liner and nude lips.


And now for a little pop of Red. =)


Last but not least...a subtle cut crease. <3



So which is your favourite? =D


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Overdue Sleek haul & LOTD. =D

By ImmaPink · July 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

YAW beautiful ppl! How are you doing? =D So today I'm gonna share with you what I've gotten a few months back! HAHAHA! Thats' because I saw them lying on my table and I was like oooohhhh...I've not updated about this and my blog is as good as dead...LOL!

So anyways I LOVE SLEEK! Too bad we can't get it here in Singpore but there's always spree-er here and there so I can still get my hands on their awesome products! =))

HERE is my previous post on my sleek haul and review.


And these are the updated items to my Sleek collection which most are from Under-twenty20. Okkk...yeah..u prolly seen thousands of swatches on these from other blogs a few months back...=D


2 lovely blushes...in which Rose Gold (right) is my second purchase that I got from littlefrozegirl. Just love it so much that I have to get another one hehe! On the left is Coral from Under-twenty20 =)


Chaos i-Divine Palette. LOVE the matte finish! Coz I just have too many shimmery eyeshadow already. heh! =p


1st & last colour are my fav! However...similar to the Acid palette, this is also not as pigmented as compared to the other awesome palettes from Sleek. Most of their matte colours are not as intense as the shimmery ones. My personal judgement. =)


Last but not least, the Limited Edition Palette- Sparkle! Preeeeetayyyy! =D


As the name suggest, yes its sparkly! I super love its intensity and pigmentation. BUT the sparkles fall everywhere on your face thus you either need a good base, MAC fix it or just get your hands on a scotch tape after you are done with your eye makeup to get rid of the sparkles on your face! LOL!.


Last but not least...an LOTD with the Sparkle palette...I can't remember which colour I used but I guess you'll be able to figure it out! hehe!



OK hope u like it! TATA! =D

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I'm back! Pictures of my personal makeup workshop! =))

By ImmaPink · June 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Holla!!! I'm back! And I miss blogging so much! Hectic month and I just can't seem to fit in any time for blogging...*excuses* LOL! BUT reallyyyyyy...I just  had to settle too many stuffs despite being on a 4 weeks break! Urghhh...

Anyways...I wanna share with you Loveliez some pictures from my Personal Makeup Workshop that was held on 11th of June 2011. Just a few coz in most pics I look fugly and ehem! huge! Eeeuuu...LOL! Anyways if you wanna view it all, I've posted it on my Facebook Fanpage, you can check it out here yaw! =))


The Goodies...I sew the ribbons myself ok that's why they're not so nice...lol! =D


Lucky Draw Prizes


Teacher Imma...heh heh he! =p




And the class began...=))


Makan Time! =D


And now time for some practice! =D


2/3 of the lucky draw winners. =)


Certs presentation. =)


Last but not least...my lovely students and me! Yipeeee Yayyyy!!! =D


A very big THANK YOU to those who came to attend the workshop and those who helped in any ways.. Love you Loveliez much much! Hehe! =D



Time checked, 3.15am...Yawnnnzzz...hehe! Ok that's all for now...I hope tmr I have the time to blog about my hauls and product reviews which have been delayed for far too long already! :'((


10 Makeover Updates By Me! =D

By ImmaPink · June 3, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello Loveliez...despite being on holiday, I'm still bz as hell but then I can't bear to look at my empty, stagnant blog...=( So here's a quick update for you beautiful ppl...For those who's in my FB or Fanpage, you might have seen these already. Makeup & Hairdo By Me..=))



Wedding Invitation




Vasantham Yaar Antha Star 2011


Chong Pang Anniversary 2011



Aites! That's all for now! Hope you like it! Tata! =D


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Goodbye Onsugar...

By ImmaPink · May 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Ok....suspense! I'm not gonna delete this blog...hehehe...just gonna go on hiatus for awhile. I feel sad though coz I miss blogging and posting reviews but I just can't afford to do all that at this point of time. 1stly, I gotta prepare portfolios for the parent & teacher meeting next week and then I have to make preparations for my 1st Makeup-Magic By Imma Pink Personal Makeup Workshop on 11th June 2011! Ahhhhhh I'm sooper dooper excited! So yeah...hope you Loveliez understand ya...love you all! Muackzzzz!!! ;))

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2 LOTD Updates! With Sugarpill & PAC E/S! =))

By ImmaPink · May 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

YO! Just a quick update with 2 new looks!


1st up...need not say more...using my favourite Sugarpill E/S! =)


And below using the amazing PAC e/s which dear Sarah Chaudhry gave me...Always wanted to try PAC e/s! Wootz! =D



OK TATA! Super sorry again for the lack of reviews...will find time soon...June holidays coming & I will spam your inbox with updates! lol! =D

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